How-To Protect

Enlarge the life of your kicks!

Helps to prevent water soaking into the footwear, protects from rain, snow. Dirt repellant, it prevents from any damage on the leather or fabrics.


Step by Step:

  1.        Always clean your footwear before appliance. Remove the dirt and dust with the help of the Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner and the Tarrago Shoe Duster.
  1.        Shake the bottle and spray over the surface of your sneakers keeping a distance of 20cm between the bottle and shoe.
  1.        Leave dry for 90 minutes and ready to go!


Tip: Try to not oversaturate the surface with the product. Give the right time to dry and the effect will be stronger.

Suitable for:

Suitable for smooth leather, synthetic leather, oil leather, suede, nubuck, textile and fabric.

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